Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tennis balls are the bestest

Remember the colorful tennis balls Lola's BFF Tadpole sent to her earlier this month?

Well they now look like this...

She's a total maniac & will play for hours with these things.

Her new favorite game is to drop it in the chair and then whack it with her paws till it gets stuck in the back. Then she barks at it & I have to get it out. She has me well trained.

But I get her back by making her practice Leave It and her Sit Stays.

Wanna hear a story?

I was throwing my ball all around the yard when I felt the call of nature. It was rolling down the hill and I PEED on it!!! I went to pick it up to continue playing and it smelled funny. So I just went & found my other ball. Good thing Tadpole sent me TWO!

And yes, I hosed the stupid thing off so she could still play with it. Did I mention she has me well trained?


Katherine and Pippa, said...

They're ok. Master picks them up in the street for me.

It's fun to start with. But then I get tired and sleepy chasing after them.

You are a young pup with lots of energy Lola - but best to conserve it in the heat.

Ruffs, Pippa

(PS I'm sure you wrote that you loved me on another blog)

ChaChi Lu said...

I have a "wee tennis ball" that you could play with, but I think you might swallow it. (It is about the size of a cat toy..hee hee)

Lola, I think you are fabulous!

~ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne


ROSSI said...

Oh Lola... u crazy girl! :P... but u did a very good job in training your mommy to do all the job for ya... hahaha... way to go!.. Now i can really see that you are the boss in the house.. hahaha..

Golden Rossi

Clover said...

Hi Lola,

Great job on training your mom!! I am working on doing that too. :)

Love Clover xo

Ruby Bleu said...

Your stories always crack me up. I think if I peed on one of my toys my mom would just put it in the trash!!! You've got a very well trained Mom!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Tadpole said...

Well of COURSE your mom does that for you, Lola! She's a good mom and that's just what good moms do!!! I'm so glad you like the balls - did you figure out the dumb-bell-tennis-ball-toy-thing yet? :-)

Snowball said...

Dogs are definitely better trainers than hoomans. Never under estimate what a dog can do. Hehehe...


Dory and Liza said...

Excellent Lola -

I need to try my humans to be more like that. I threw up on a toy once and they threw it out - I was very sad!!

Have a happy day - love to Penny and Sherman.

Dory (and Mac too)

Jackson said...

Hey Lola, looks like you've got Jenny very well trained. Can you give me any tips on training J1?

Sherman, would love to pawty with you. Let's eat cake! J x

Tofu Burger said...

Very smart ladies you got in that house!!! You train Lola, Lola trains you... the learning never stops after class is over :)


Duke & Gidget said...

Lola, you peed on your ball?? I have peed on many things in my life, but I would never ever pee on one of my toys! Shame on you!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Lola.
I think you and me are good trainers. I always make my mom to do what I want (giving me her food doesn't count).
Have a nice day

wally said...

deer LOLA! dont PEE on your BALLS. the tennis balls are SACRED!


Lady Kaos said...

I did the same thing to my tennis ball once! I didn't have 2 though!!! Dad finally washed it off and I started playing with it again!!

Peanut said...

I have my mom well trained also so don't feel bad. :) Good job training your mom Lola

Seadra & Zoe said...

Hi Lola....Did anyone ever tell you that you kind of look like that dog from the "Little Rascals"?

We loved that dog.

Love, Seadra and Zoe

Joe Stains said...

lola, ya gotta teach the doofus some of these games so maybe my Mom will lose some weight getting up to retrieve balls!

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Lola,
I have the same problem too. I just work too fast on my toys..I mean they barely last with me. Most of my toys are stuffies and I like swinging them about and sometimes..OOPSIE...some dangly parts would have touched my pee (not on purpose) of course!

Huskee Boy said...

Hahah.. Lola's got her mom very well trained!!

By the way, when is Sherman's barkday?

Amber-Mae said...

Hehehehe, I'm a ball maniac too just like Lola! So, she's not the only one here who's crazy over balls...I mean, tennis balls. Oh, I have my hooman well trained too. I always purposely push my tennis balls under the couch, low tables or anything that is low & that I can push it under & dig & dig for it for hours untill the bottom of the couch is shredded & then finally my hooman will get her butt off the couch & bend down to dig it out for me. Then I'll do it again! It's FUN!!! Sometimes I push it out of the gate too just an excuse for me to go out & pick it up myself...hehehehe! We doggies are such good trainers aren't we?

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Cubby said...

You are well trained! Dakota like tennis balls, too, but she breaks them and mom takes them away...

Stanley said...


RESPECT the balls, sister!
Way to go on the mom-training, though!

Goober love,

Evie said...

Hey Lola! I like your tennis balls! I love any kind of ball though. I have this great one that makes all kinds of animal noises when you kick it around. I think it's called a blabber ball. I looove it. Mommy will put video of me playing with it up soon. I just wanted to tell Sherman, Penny and Lola that you're all cute! I love your blog!