Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Hey Puppers!

We've been having some pretty yucky weather lately...snow then rain then snow then rain then snow then rain then rain and rain and rain and more stupid RAIN!

But tonight when Mom came home from work, we all went outside to this! 25 degrees??? That is NOT Joeypalooza weather at all!!

But it is kind fun. All we've had here is slush...and that does not make running around much fun at all.

But tonight we had some huge flakes...I knew that was the start of something fun!

Sherman spent part of the evening trying to catch snowflakes on his nose...um, needless to say he's not real coordinated.

After 5 minutes outside, we had a good laugh at the chubby, black, abomidable snowman!
Lola & I played for a little while in the snow

& then I just stood around looking beautiful.

Peanut, Tucker, Pippa, Kaiser...any of you boyz wanna come wrassle in the snow with me???

Pee Ess....Lola got some great presents in the mail from Princess Snowball and she promises to post about them soon!!


Kapp pack said...

I was worried for a minute that I wasn't going to get to see pictures of my bewootiful Lola! But then I scrolled down.......send some snow our way!

Kisses, Sky boy

One of the pack said...

Snow. Snow. Snow. We gotta go for snow!

Have a howling good time. Y'all look extra cool!

The Forget Sit and Stay Gang

Murphy Dogg said...

Hi Penny,
You sure do look beautiful in the snow! I'd wrassle you, but I'm sure you'd kick my butt. Tell Sherman he's gotta try making yellow snow art. It's hella fun!
Murphy Dogg

Luckie Girl said...

Must have been fun erm..posing in the white fluffy snow! :P As always, you look so elegant standing there, Penny! :)

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends!
I think that is too cold for me! And looks like the happier is Lola!
Is Penny eating snow?? Is it tasty?
Kisses and hugs

Peanut said...

I would love to come play with you. I love the snow. I wonder how fast I can get there

Joe Stains said...

well crap, that weather won't do for Joey Palooza, I will see if I can talk to someone for you. Lola better be careful she might disappear in all that white stuff.

Poppy said...

That playing in the snow looks awfully fun! I think I'll have to get a snowsuit before I try it though!


Boo said...

oh, it looks real cold out there. i hope when mom and dad are working, you three get to be sleeping in inside the warm house.

wet wet licks


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh.. The snow sure looks fun. You look really pretty standing there Penny

~ Girl girl

Snowball said...

I hope I can have some snow here too... But I am glad you have some fun. I hate rain too.

Peeesss: Lola, you have already received the package? I target it to reach you in March. Actually, I have mistaken that your barkday is in March. When I see "Lola" being listed in the Event Calendar I thought it was you cos you are the only and the most pretty Lola I know. Sorry about the mistake but I hope you will have some fun with the things in the package.


Pippa said...

I don't like cold and I don't like rain, so I don't think I would like snow. But I do like you, *sigh* so for you Penny I would come and wrassle (? is that like wrestle?) - except I see Peanut will get there before me. So maybe another day when it's a bit warmer......

Love Pippa xx

Pacco de Mongrel said...

i totally hates rainy days...

can the sky stop crying that often?

Maggie & Mitch said...

You're so lucky! We had rain last night and the little bit of snow we did have is pretty much gone! boohoo

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Mango said...

Lola! You went all humpy dog. Did you have the snow madness?

We had super sized snow flakes here yesterday, but then rain, and now slush. Yuckers.

Simba said...

That snow looks like great fun. We haven't had any snow, I miss it.

Simba x

umekotyan said...

Good evening Lola.
It is snowing very much.
However, it plays the snow happy.

from loved ume tyan

Girasol said...

Playing on the snow is fun!! I saw the video and Lola is having a good time.

Amber-Mae said...

Oooh, how soooper doooper fun! I would join you guys in the snow too. Wow, 20 degrees is cooooold but nice!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Sophie Brador said...

Penny, You are beautiful! We have brand new snow here too. I've been playing like crazy in it, and now I'm super stiffy! Mom has been working on my shoulders a bit and I think it helps.


p.s. She is finally sending your book back.

p.p.s. My mom is allergic to dogs too!

Ruby Bleu said...

that is entirely too cold! too cold I say. Glad to see Lola is back to her diva-self!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

The Army of Four said...

Sherman's got a snow nose! Ha roo roo roo! Wowzers, I wish I could come over and play with everypup!
Play bows,

Penny & Poppy said...

It looks like you had a pawsome time in the snow! It snowed, at our house, this morning, but it didn't stick and it's gone already. Bummer! The flakes were so far apart that we couldn't even catch them.

Poppy & Penny

Petra said...

I loved watching you play in the snow! The snowflakes are so pretty when they are BIG!

The Daily Echo said...

Woo - that looks like fun! Fluffy snowflakes are the best.

Moco said...

Is Sherman frozen in place? What fun running around the yard, but no roachin'.

Lady Kaos said...

Lola is definately feeling better!
Poor Sherman doesn't look happy at all. I'm glad we didn't get the rain and snow the weather man said we were going to get because with the mess going on in my house, I'm spending lots of time outside on my own decision, not by order from Mom and Dad.

PKPWV said...

Wow SNOW!! And you guys got to play in it! I've never seen falling snow! Was it fun? You all look like you had alot of fun!!!


Asta said...

I'm so jellyI wish I was thewe wunning and westling with you..You all look so bootiful in the snow!

I bet youw Mom loves it when you sit in hew lap Lola..You awe too adowable
smoochie kisses

Sparky said...

Wow, lots of snow! Luck you! I wish I could come play in it! All of our snow has melted. :(

I'm not sure if Sherman would like you calling him 'chubby'.

I hope you all have a great day,


The Thuglets said...

Wow snow..wish we could come and join you. All we got at the moment is horrid big big windies.

Nice to see you all.

Big Nose Pokes
The Thuglets

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

Hi Woo All,
Looks like you had a grand ol' time in the snow. We keep going to the side door so we can go out & play in the side run. We wuv snow!
-Cosmos & Juneau-

Gus and Louie said...

That looks like so much fun. We could really have a good game of chase in the stuff..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus and Louie

Mack said...

That's just the way Paris & I play (minus the snow of course!)

Lacy said...

woofies Penny, Lola and Sherman...watt fun u all had in dat snow...me just goted snow one time dis winter and time iz runnin out, it will soon b spring...send me a little of dat white stuffs...

b safe,


Wow you guys are still getting snow! All we have at the moment is very icy strong winds! The video with you guys playing around in the back yard is very nice. Lola almost blends into the background.
Jazz and Dixie

The Brat Pack said...

I would LOVE to be playing in the snow with you! We didn't get any this year except a few flakes on Thanksgiving. Mom said those flakes might have been family, whatever that means. ;)

I heard our Mom's are leaving us...we just saw the suitcase coming out so now we're worried. How could they leave us with, gulp, MEN?


Scruffy & Lacie said...

Hey Guys...so glad Lola's back to her bouncy self...this snow rocks!! Daddy got stuck comin' home last nite...slid sideways down a hill tryin' to find a shortcut off Rte. 19 which was backed up...shortcut didn't work so good...

We hadn't heard bout Myron Cope till we read ur comment...(Mumsie didn't have the radio on....) SO SAD! He was the voice of the Stillers...that's for sure. I hope the city gives him a good sendoff...made Mumsie think about Bob Prince and so many others of her childhood. I heard she personally knew George Washington she's so old....

We're sleepin' on our Terrible Towels tonight....

Scratchy raspy(in honor of Myron)barks..


Huskee Boy said...

Heheh... the 'chubby, black, abomidable snowman'?? *ROFL*

BenTheRotti said...

chubby, black, abomidable snowman!!

Oooohhh Sherman is gonna get you back for that one!!

The snow looks awesome, I wish it would snow here, playing chase with a snowball is fun!!

Mum thinks you are all adorable.

Love Ben xxxx

Harry said...

That looks like fun! I like the cold so I'd have been quite at home out there with you all.

Toodle pip
Harry x

Tasha & Eva said...

Hey Penny, Lola, and Sherman! What fabulous looking snow!! We need some fresh stuff. All of ours is now hard from all the really cold weather we've had. Sherman looks just like me when I've been outside when the snow is falling. It just kind of slides off Eva's fur, but it sticks to mine! We're getting a little more computer time lately so we hope to be better about visiting you guys more often! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

Cubby said...

Very cute video! Lola is a true boxer who boxes!