Friday, March 30, 2007

Foto Shoot Friday (and the Cuz)

YEAH! Spring is here! And the stupid ice storm didn't kill my dafodils!

I noticed lots of dogs take one day of the week and reserve it for a special post. Flash Friday, Wordless Wednesday, Love Thursday, Tanner Tuesday. Well, The Dogs are gonna start having Foto Shoot Friday!

We have 2 shots to end the month of March. It was really sunny...hence the squinting.

So it seems that every pup loves the Cuz! I noticed recent posts from Texas & Opy worshipping the Cuz & my crew just doesn't get it. I bought a whole bunch a while back and no one was interested. Lola has this disgusting giant green ball that barely fits in her mouth.

And that's all she wants to play with.

I gave most of them away but found a DinoCuz in with the yard toys.

"Nope...where's my ball?"

"You're not's dirty. A princess does not do dirty."

"Hmmmm...I know that smell!"


Yes. I put a liver brownie in between the Cuz's feet so I can say that The Dogs are not so weird & one of them actually "played" with one.

I just want them to be normal!! Is that so wrong????


Sparky said...

Don't worry - I have a cuz too and I am not all that interested. It smells too much like rubber for my liking.

My mama would like to know how you got all three doggies to sit all nice at the same time!

PiratesGrrl said...

We hated our Cuz, it was dangerous.

The group pics are priceless!! We'll never all stand that still for our peeps.

The Brat Pack

Dory and Liza said...

How funny your pups don't like the CUZ - my mom said she bought one due to "Peer Pressure" but I love mine.

These are great pics to end the month on - my mom and I are extremely jealous of the daffodil!!! Mom tries to get group shots when we go to gramma's but we never all stay still at the same time!

Wet nose kisses - Dory

Peanut said...

Flash and I don't play with our cuzs either. Maybe we are the normal ones and everyone else is weird.

Peanut said...

Hey SHerman Flash here. My mom has lost 17 lbs since the middle of Jan she has a long way to go though. And yes boxers are definetly not all they seem to think they are. :)

Cubby said...

I'm not so fond of the Cuz, but weird Dakota loves it!

Pretty flowers!

A&S said...

Shiro still likes to play with the cuz, but once the novelty wore off, i am so over it, so don't worry. my only favorite toy is not really even a toy. it's the galileo bone. i do like water bottles tho, if anyone leaves one laying around!

Jasper said...

I don't like my Cuz is just taking up space in my toy box.
Great photos!!!! I love the one of you three on the steps...posing so nice!!!

Boo said...

wow, nice photo shoot. isn't easy to get all 3 to sit pretty! LOL

yeah yeah yeah. we all love cuz except simba - the odd one... did i mention only shorty legs dislike cuz???

wet wet licks


Sophie Brador said...

You're outside world is beautiful! I bet you have a lovely garden in the summer. And a bit late, but I love the rock band and if you want to go total chick band instead of jowl band, Sophie is in!

Now for the really important stuff .... we didn't find a dog friendly place in New England that really made the paws jump, but there a place in NY state that we like a lot. I know you have family in Saratoga and this might be a little too close to home to be really getting away, but it is a nice spot in the Catskills and they are very dog friendly.

Sophie Brador said...

Ooops... that should be

Joe Stains said...

I dont know what my guys would do without their cuz, they ADORE them.

Simba said...

I hate cuz toys, stupid things.

Simba xx