Monday, April 02, 2007

Pimple face!

I've read a lot from other Boxer owners that they can be prone to acne on their face. As Lola enters her teens (turning 17 months old on 3/31), she's no exception!

My little pimple face!

And in case you're having trouble finding the pimple (Boo's Hoomans) it is!

It's really quite fun to sit out on the front deck & patrol the neighborhood. Penny takes this job very seriously & will alert the other 2 if something needs Woofed at.

How many Dogs does it take to stare down Eight-Ball...the neighborhood Tom Cat???




(I called them all inside before they started making a real ruckus).

Lola's walk tonight was interesting. About 5 minutes in, we saw a dog that we've met a few times before. He's a very mellow long haired Rotti (Duke) and during prior introductions, she's loved him. He was turning the corner when we were 40-50 feet or so. She saw him, I c/t, c/t, c/ barking & I yelled, "we'll cross the street". As we started to cross, she started flipping out & he said "Aw come on...she'll be fine. Oh what the hell? Probably not my best move but as they'd met before, I figured "why not?". So I said, "Come on Lola, let's go say Hi!" and we trotted over to him (she was not barking). She wiggled up to him & licked him all around his mouth. And then she did a little snarky thing...grouching in his face. He didn't really react to her, but raised himself up a bit and she instantly settled down. Then about 10 seconds later, she started this really high pitch barking, backing herself away from Duke and barking *at* him. And it was very cool...he turned his head & looked away from her. She stopped barking & wiggled up to the owner. She was being pretty obnoxious & jumpy with him and he was great...he stood up and wouldn't pet her till she calmed down. Which after about 20 seconds she did. He & I talked for a couple of minutes, during which time she was either kissing up to Duke or ignoring him.

The rest of the walk was awesome. It was a gorgeous day and every dog in the neighborhood was outside...barking. She didn't react once to the barking (and I continued to c/t for non-reaction) and she didn't react to the two dogs we saw tied out in their front yard. Granted, they didn't bark at which case, if they did, she most likely would have talked back.

So now I'm wondering...if I can find a way for her to get her "YaYas" out before we walk, will she be calmer? Running her around the yard or tossing her ball beforehand just gets her more wound up. I'm gonna have to think about this one.

Lola sends this pic to Marvin's Mom, who was a bit under the weather this weekend and could use a good laugh! Glad to hear you're feeling better Jeannie!


Marvin The Dog said...

oooooooooooooooooooooooooh! Another priceless picture of dear Lola! Thank you so much, really made me laugh!

Feeling a lot better now, the sun is out and we have warmth as well!

Keep on rocking sweet Lola!

love from Jeannie xxxxx

and Marv xxxxxxxxx

Boo said...

where is the pimple?? i couldn't really see it.

wet wet licks


Balboa said...

Even with pimples, you're so cute. Mommy actually bought the rug at Lowes, but I bet it was cheaper at KMart.

Hey I love watching what is going on, only I watch from a window because the ledge on the balcony is too high for me.

Balboa :)

Joe Stains said...

lola is just adorable!! I want to kiss her and I dont even like girls!!

macgoogle said...

Pimples go away but you will always be pretty Lola.

Love and Licks,
Texas (and his humans).

Simba said...

Spotty dog. Poor Lola.

Simba x

Tadpole said...

Oh Lola, why do our people embarrass us by posting pictures of our less-than-flattering situations? You're beautiful, though!

Peanut said...

Oh Lola your mom is awful putting a picture up of your pimple. I still get pimples and I am 3.

MichaelMalega said...

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