Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Kong Explosion!!

Look what we got today!!!! A giant box of Kongs!

Actually, these aren't for the Dogs...they're for the shelter. I think "the most spoiled dogs on the planet" have plenty of their own!

Lola has her very own pink Kong because that's her signature color.

Notice how she looks drunk while she's cleaning the peanut butter out of it.

So my little freak of a dog (Lola) went to an Advanced Basic class tonight for the first time. She's been through 10 classes thus far (that's 10 sets of classes). 2 Puppy, 1 Advanced Puppy, 2 Teen, 2 Clicker, 2 Adult Basic and 1 Adult Manners. Oh & one Feisty Fido...that's 11 classes. You'd think she'd be all set for an Advanced class & I'd have nothing to worry about right? I've mentioned that Lola is a reactive dog before (she basically loses her mind barking & lunging & snarling at any dog she sees on leash). That is was I was a little worried about. OK, more than a little.

Imagine my surprise (and sheer delight) when she was a perfect little angel in class. She did bark at Ruth's (the instructor) Aussie when we first got there, but quickly stopped when I told her Enough. The rest of the class was wonderful. We did Heeling, Serpentines, Sit & Down Stays, Recalls, Finishes and gave me awesome Attention. Her form is pretty sloppy, but that's not my concern at this point.

I had planned on competing with Lola at some point in Rally or Obedience or maybe Agility...but when she developed this reactivity thing, all was put on the back burner. Helping her through this problem is my first priority. But one day...who knows.

Oh, & Lola want me to let everypup know that She & Bella have found their new drummer.

Tommy Pee(nut)!!

They've got Wally, Cubby, Wimsey & Doofus on backup vocals. The Howling Jowls are ready to take on the world!!


wally said...

WHOA! That is one amazing box of Kongs. And one impressive basket of Kongs. I'm jealous!


PS. SQUEALERS FANS! I guess that's ok. I live outside of Philly so I am obligated to root for the Beagles but I'm from Seattle so I love the Seasquawks. And my onkel Eric lives in Chicago so the Bears are also on my list. Whew. That's a lot of rootin' to do. But my heart really belongs to the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Bring on football season (and the best part--SNACKS + distracted naked apes.)

Sophie Brador said...

Oh, I'm jealous! Can I be a background dancer???

Tadpole said...

Oh oh oh! I missed the post about the band!! I don't have jowls, but I can do a *wicked* mohawk...!

Joe Stains said...

hopefully your lyrics are WHATSSUPP!!

I have never seen so many kongs, if I were not deathly afraid of boxes I would jump on in there!!!

Simba said...

That is the most kong toys in the world ever.

Simba xx

Boo said...

u won't believe it but me, the casanova, do not have a kong! so, one this way please!

just joking. don't think i like torturing myself! LOL

wet wet licks


Peanut said...

Man I don't even have one kong. My mom needs to get on it. I am so privelged to be in the band. I will be a very big asset.