Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lotsa stuff going on!

First of all, let me say it again...our DWB buddies are totally awesome!! Not only do they keep us company and make us laugh, they are exceptionally generous.

Fei and Eve had a pledge going on at the beginning of the month:

I will donate to an animal rescue organisation/ shelter of my choice but only if 25 other Dogs with Blogs members will too.— fei and eve

I thought this was a great idea and immediately joined the pledge. And it was a success!! Our donation will be going to the Butler County Humane Society, the shelter Sherman came from. And he's the reason I'm such a crazy dog person.

That's right...I made my Mom crazy. But in a good way.

And now, Gomer & Opie are having a 10k race for charity that is wonderful. You're gonna have to go & check out their blog to get all the details. But their Mom is super cool!

Lorenza tagged us to tell yinz guys a little bit about the human part of our family...that would be Scott and I (more I b/c *I* maintain this blog!). We have very few pictures of us together, but here is one from our trip to Mexico a couple of years ago.

Scott & I met at work and still work together. In fact, if I turn my head to the right...there he is, crunching numbers. No, we do not drive to work together (we need 10 minutes away from each other!) and no, working together is not a problem (most days). Our jobs are pretty boring...we work in finance, how exciting can that be??? But we're pretty happy and have been with the same company for a looooong time (10 years for me).

We're not having human kids...3 dogs are enough. We'll get married eventually, but we're pretty content with life as is.

As far as my life outside of the Dogs, I have to's pretty boring. I watch a ton of cooking shows & have boatload of cookbooks. I like to cook, but don't do it often. Scott is kind of picky (yes, are) and it's no fun cooking for just myself. But I love to, sandwiches, Mexican, Italian, greasy bar that order. I love TV (my favorites are on the links list In My Free Time) and watch a lot of movies in the winter. The only sport I really watch is (american) football, and I plan my whole Sunday around the Steeler games. I like hockey too.

Other than that...there's not much to tell. Really, I'm that boring. But...this is my life. And this is my happiness:

Now I get to tag three lucky hoomans! Of course, I'm gonna tag Wally, Suki and Dot-Spot!! Mwwwaaahhhhhhhhh! Tell us about your families!


Balboa said...

Your life seems pretty exciting to me, your a mommy to three doggies. HOW EXCITING IS THAT?!?!?!?

What are they doing to Scotty in the picture? Did he forget to pay?

Frenchie SNorts

Oscar Airedale said...

My mum and dad work for the same company too, though in different departments. My mum is a number cruncher too, my dad works in IT.

Oscar x

Annebelle said...

My girl works at the same university as her boyfriend too. She seems to be pretty happy about it too. She loves cooking show and cooking as well. I love it too because Zoe and I get some of the leftovers.


Tadpole said...

You guys are very cute together (not only the dogs, but Jen and Scotty too! :-))

You kinda sound like my girl, but with her it's DA BEARS! And the Cubs, of course.

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Sounds a cool life to us - hey what more could you want. You sound really happy.

Ruffs to all of you.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Jen
From your post I can say that you have a very happy life!
Having tree dogs sure make your life more interesting. Sure is always something different!
Besides sports my mom likes to watch the Food Network too!
Thanks for sharing your life with us!

wally said...

But my apes are booooooooring!

And Sherman, I drive my ma ape crazy in good and bad ways (when I was actually crazy it wasn't so good--now she's just crazy about me, not with me).

Now, about that Steelers thing...


ps. My Onkel Eric, a born and bred Nebraska boy, loved the Steelers when he was growing up. Weird, eh?

pps. I love IRON CHEF. Though I'm still waiting for them to take me up on being a judge.

Luckie Girl said...

I love this tag game. It's always nice to read more about everydog's family. My Mom needs to work on numbers and read lotsa financial statements for her work too.
:) Thanks for sharing!!!

Joe Stains said...

you sound JUST like my mom. she has 2034 billion cook books that she loves to read, but she doesnt cook a whole lot. she also loves cooking shows! she watches that top chef show, do you?

Boo said...

ahem, my hooman met through internet chat room. i think they have no life than you!

wet wet licks


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh Jen and Scotty, you 2 look great together. :) Nice to know something about you. And your 3 wonderful dogs. ;)

~ girl girl

e said...

That was very interesting!
Thanks for sharing!


Toby said...

Your life seems pretty awesome! And your Mom and Dady seem so happy together!~ Isn't that the best??


PreciOus said...

Cool info! You must be real smart, sista goes bonkers over numbers. Haha


Simba said...

You sound like a lovely family.

Simba xx

Amber-Mae said...

Thanks for sharing that wonderful info about yourself Lola's, Sherman's & Penny's mom! My mommy's still a student & is gonna work as a part time tricks & dance class trainer soon & she also does some freelance stuff like singing(yes! she can sing!) Errrr, what else? Hehehehe...

It's Friday today, so have a great weekend guys!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Reina the Doxie said...

Your parents look good together!
And wow, 10 years in the same company. That is something!

Sophie Brador said...

Sounds great. I don't have a live-in dad so I work with my mom instead. Except when she is in the classroom. But I grade papers for her and I write articles and stuff for her too. She'd never get anything done without me.

Seadra & Zoe said...

Lola, Penny and Sherman....We love that picture of the 3 of you.

Sounds like there is a lot of love in that house.

Love, Seadra and Zoe

PiratesGrrl said...

Hey guys!

Mom is sticking her tongue out at you for tagging me, but I'm excited!!

Your Mom sounds so nice (and Dad too) and she cares about you guys sooo much. We wish you lived closer!


PS If you think you don't have a life wait till you read about Mom's non-life.

ToFFee said...


your family is sure nicey!

Jen and Scotty too!



Hey guys
Licks from Brooklyn :)

Cubby said...

Mom wants to know if you like Top Chef or The Next Food Network Star?

Stanley said...


Thanks for letting us peek in on your life, girlie! Sounds like a pretty fulfilling life to me - you have Sherman, Penny, Lola and Scotty (sounds like the 4th dog doesn't he - probably feels that way sometimes too,huh?)!

My girl's too lazy to post about herself, and we're still getting to know each other, but I think I've got the essentials down.

Goober love & kisses to you, hooman girl! (Give the dogs my love).