Saturday, January 14, 2006

Lola made her first public appearance today (aside from the vet). We took a trip to PetSmart so she could ride around in the cart & socialize w/ people. She was pretty clingy in the car at first, preferring to ride in my lap than on the seat, but she soon settled in and curled up in her blanket on the passenger side.

I put her in the cart when we got there & fed her chicken when people approached the cart. Not that she needed any reinforcement...she loves people! We walked around for a while, making friends & just having a lovely time.

A funny thing happened on the way out. We were approached by two girls (who I'll refer to as #1 & #2). They looked 15 or 16 yo.

#1 "What a cute puppy! What is she?"
#2 "That's a pitbull"
me "Er, actually she's a Boxer"
#2 (looking at friend & rolling her eyes) "She's a pitbull"
me "Umm, no, she's a Boxer. I met the parents & saw the litter at 6 days old. She's not a Pitbull."
#2 (to #1) "Well white Boxers are very, VERY rare"
me (laughing now) "Not quite...25% of a litter can be born white if the parents have white on them. I wouldn't call that rare"
#2 (again to #1) "Well, almost all white Boxers are born deaf"
me (laughing out loud now...) "The statistic is appx 18% are born deaf. Thanks for the warning, but I did my homework before getting this puppy"
#2 walks away in a huff.
#1 scratches Lola on the head, smiles and walks away. I think she knew her friend was a dolt.

Lola was pooped from our outting. She slept for the rest of the night!

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Gelly Bean andMe said...

Very cute dogs. Watched the Steelers what a game. I thought they had it in the bag nut they gave us a thriller anyway!

I have a nine year old rat terrier - he loves the Steelers too..his name, Magellan (Gelly Bean).