Tuesday, January 10, 2006

~Sigh~ We're still having major screaming fits anytime Lola is left alone. I'm continuing to ride it out, but really need to make a commitment to working w/ her everyday on enjoying her crate & her ExPen. We have it set up in the 2nd floor kitchen w/ papers, a big blanket, a fleece blanket, lots of toys and I've stuffed several kongs (which she's yet to be interested in). I'm sure she'll do better crated w/ Sherman & Penny downstairs, but I'm not putting them through all her fussing.

I'm using the DAP thingy at night in our bedroom & it seems to be working at night. She goes right in her crate and she snuggles up & goes right to sleep. The crate is almost too small for her. We'll get another week or so out of it & then we'll have to move to the wire one. I need to make it smaller though. It's still way too big.

We had our second vet appt. She weighs 11 lbs. Right now she's all legs & big feet. She got her second set of shots and was pretty tired for the rest of the night.

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