Saturday, March 18, 2006

Back to Camp Bow Wow for Lola today. I love this place. I've signed Penny up for an interview on the 31st. She & Lola will go together but I asked them to keep them in different play groups. I'm trying very hard to keep Lola independent. I've noticed she is doing more things by herself. Snuggling on the couch by herself (rather than laying all over Penny), running outside by herself, wandering around the house alone.

"But I still love hanging out w/ my big sister Penny!"

She is also doing wonderfully on housetraining. Scott & I have been really diligent about taking her out least every hour, after playing, after chewing, 15 minutes after eating. We make her go out alone and she's learned the cue "Go Potty". She's also asking to go out. If she's upstairs, she'll run downstairs if she has to go. I have to be really careful about watching her if Scott is on the 3rd floor and talk to her on the way down. But if she does go down alone, she goes to her papers and goes. We have 2 pee pads that we still keep down in the DR. But that's it. We're about 90% there. I'm thrilled.

Saturday night consisted of laying around & snuggling. My favorite activity w/ the pups!

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