Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Lola lost her first puppy tooth! I noticed that one of the toys, a white stuffed cow/pig thing had bloody ears. I checked in her mouth & sure of her teeth had fallen out and the new one was pushing it's way through. I put a bunch of bones and stuff in the freezer to help ease the pain from teething. She's on her way to becoming a big girl!

We've continued our training this week working on down, targeting & eye contact (attention). She's getting really good at Down & is now offering it as much as sit. I haven't cued the attention w/ anything other than her name yet, but will start using that's what S&P know. It's nice to say Watch & have all the dogs whip around to look at you. If I'm ever gonna walk all 3 at once (no time soon), I'll need this behavior to be very strong.

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