Saturday, March 25, 2006

My mom & I went to the WPKA dog show today. I wanted to get there a little early as the Boxers were at 10. The place was insane. Parking was a nightmare (b/c people are stupid...that's a whole other story). But the show was fun...there were lots of vendors and Grandma bought Lola a new collar. We watched some agility stuff, but didn't get to see any of the obedience. I'm planning on going to a couple events this summer...just to watch.

Scott took Lola w/ him to see his Mom for her birthday. I'm sorry I missed it. DJ & Kim brought their two dogs Hannah & Dylon & Lola was introduced to Baron & Panzer. Scott said it was a zoo!

Hannah & Dylon

Baron & Lola lounging

"I'll get you Hannah!"
Panzer & Lola
Baron taking Lola for a walk!

"You can't catch me!!!"

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