Saturday, April 01, 2006

Partly b/c I've been sick...partly b/c I've been lazy; we haven't done a whole lot of anything. I haven't done any training w/ Lola other than the usual everyday stuff. We go back to class in 3 weeks & I need to get my act together so she's not the worst one there!

Lola went to daycare today b/c I was off for a doctor's appt. I called to confirm her reservation and the girl on the phone said "Oh yes...we have Lola booked. We can't wait to see her...everyone just loves her so much!" and then added "I was at Petland the other day & they had a white Boxer there...I wanted to get it so bad b/c Lola's such great dog". ~sigh~ All I managed to say was "Well, you wouldn't wanna get a dog from Petland." I didn't go into the fact that color has nothing to do w/ temperment.

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