Saturday, April 08, 2006

What a truly marvelous day. The weather is starting to change & while it's still cool, it's sunny & beautiful. We had some major thunderstorms last night & the grass seemed to grow 3 inches overnight.

I took Lola to daycare @ 8:00 am. When I arrived, the staff was very excited to see her. And she loves this place. There was a man in the lobby watching the dogs on the TV and she ran right up to him & put on quite the wiggly show. There was an older couple in one of the gated areas next to the desk. Lola could see their Sheltie & started barking & doing her tough girl routine. The older couple was glaring at me, but I was unconcerned. I pulled her over to the other gated section and the manager came out to take the dogs back. She went to the Sheltie first and the man said something to the manager I couldn't hear. She looked at him and said "No, she's a Boxer". My DoG! He said, "OK", shot me another look & I wanted to punch him. She's not a Pitbull!!!! Ugh. Not that there's anything wrong with that...I love Pitbulls. But the general public is so very uneducated. Makes me crazy. Lola went for her fun day at Camp.

When I got home, I took Sherman for a walk & it was if he was trying to tell me "Hey Mom...I'm the good one". He was such an angel. I walked him on the Flexi and made him stop & sit at every intersection. He usually just has to stop & wait till I tell him "Let's Go". But I decided to have him sit this time & after the 3rd intersection...he was stopping & sitting w/o being asked. At one point, a FC retreiver just walked over to us & sniffed Sherman's butt. He just turned around, looked at her and then back at me. This was a first!! Overall, it was a wonderful walk.

Penny was next. She has developed a very, very bad pulling habit. Even w/ the Easy Walk harness, she's making me nuts. I'll admit...I have never worked seriously or consistantly on LLW with her. Heeling yes, but I don't want her to walk right next to me. I want her to have freedom to explore & sniff, but not pull my arm off. I'm going to set up a program for her & really make a serious commitment to stopping this. Stay tuned for updates. Other than the walking thing, we did stop in some parking lots and do some stays, recalls and heeling.

When I returned to Camp...I told the girl at the desk "I'm here to pick up Lola." Her response..."Um no, sorry, we're gonna keep her". I love to hear that. She commented at what a sweet calm Boxer she is and how much they enjoy having her. I would hope that I have something to do w/ that. They brought her out & she was filthy! PigPen from Peanuts is a close analogy. When we got home, I scooped her up & put her in the tub. She was such a doll. She just stood there & let me soap her up and rinse her off. Being tired was probably part of the reason. I dried her off & we sat out on the front porch & let her dry in the sun. She slept for the remainder of the night.

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