Saturday, May 27, 2006

Class was cancelled due to the holiday so Lola went back to daycare. They were all so happy to see her & were amazed at how big she got. Scotty worked in the yard all day, spreading mulch and it looks great. It was HOT (perfect as far as I'm concerned).

Penny gets so hot, yet refuses to see shelter from the sun. She loves to lay in it & bake.

I drove up to the New Castle dog show to pick up an order of meat from Hare Today. Annette left me 2 messages that the lady wasn't gonna make it but I missed her calls. It was very interesting to see all the different dogs and vendors. I walked around a bit & pick Sherman up a new Lupine collar w/ turtles on it. Then I drove home & picked Lola up at daycare. She was pooped! I love Camp Bow Wow!

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