Monday, May 08, 2006

Day 1 of Project LLW...went better than I had anticipated. I suppose I should clarify this whole thing. I am very lazy. And training a dog to walk nicely on leash is so boring and does take a considerable amount of time. I don't want to put the effort into it...especially if there is equipment that will enable me to just get a decent walk in. So I tried the Gentle Leader, the Halti, The SENSEation Harness, The Freedom harness, The EasyWalk harness, the Good Dog collar & a prong collar. Sheesh...I have enough equipment to start my own store!! All work fine at first, but Penny eventually learns how to manipulate her body so that she can pull. Fortunately, the one thing she's never really been able to pull on is a regular old collar (at least not for the last few years) because I never walk her on one!! So I won't have to break a habit that she's had for 4 years.

So...Penny & I started our walk and it really didn't take long before she accepted that she will not be allowed to pull. And what she really liked...when the leash was loose, she got treats! I will not be walking S&P together for quite a while. Penny loves to lead and having to compete w/ Sherman will impede any progress we may make. I'm guessing it'll take me two weeks to make it around the block w/o having to stop. She's a quick study.

Lola's walk went just as well. It is boring & it does take time...but now that I'm committed, I truly believe it will be worth it. Her problem is she has sooooo much puppy energy right now & gets very excited when she sees people, another dog, a squirrel, a bird, a leaf blowing in the wind. She forgets what her job is. Well it's my job to teach her.

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