Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Well the rain started and continues to fall ~Ugh~...~double Ugh~. I hate rain...hate it, hate it, hate it! I've got flowers to plant, I've got a yard to clean up, I've got dogs that need to learn how to walk nicely on leash! ~Ugh~!

But all is not lost. While Project LLW is on hold until the rain stops, I'm still getting some training in. Lola's been to two classes in 4 days. She's still a maniac, but it is taking her less & less time to calm down. She just loves everyone & everything. She desparately wants to play w/ the other dogs & there are quite a few that would make great playmates for her. She's just gonna have to suck it up. We've been doing some clicker work at home too. More attention & reinforcing heel position. I'll but much happier when I can take it outside. We have a big house, but little rooms.

Penny & I have been working some too. I'm concentrating right now on her having a very clear understanding that Sit & Down are two different commands, longer stays and straighening out her automatic sits (she still swings out). Penny has a pretty clear idea of where heel position is, but I've also been doing quarter turns and Heeling against walls to reinforce it.

Sherman was feeling kind of icky over the last week & has been grouchier than usual. He & Penny actually got into it on Saturday. First time in over a year & the first time it started when I wasn't in the room. I was able to diffuse the situation pretty quickly and no damage was done. For the next 24 hours however, Sherman wouldn't let Penny near him. He would growl every time she came in to the same room & she was obviously bothered by it. I promised her I wouldn't let him hurt her & she thought it was a good idea to stick to me like glue for a couple of days.

Sherman is back to his old semi-grouchy self now and is waiting for the rain to stop so he can resume patrolling the neighborhood.

Lola has competely forgotten that she should be doing her business outside and not on my carpet. ~sigh~ I cut her some slack after her spay as I know they move her parts around and her bladder is probably sore & weak. But it's been 2+ weeks and she just doesn't like going out in the rain. Well...tough toothpicks! I'll stand out there for a 1/2 an hour under my umbrella until she does her business. It's up to her how long we have to be out there. Let's hope she catches on quick. Cleaning up pee is getting very old!!

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