Thursday, June 15, 2006

Lola & I started Shelley's class tonight. Apparently we worked way to much to BANG! b/c she spent 1/2 of the class flinging herself on her side when I ignored her. I stopped c/t unless I cued it. It is very cute though. We got a chance to review a lot of things she already knows...sit, stand, target, attention, not jumping & mauling Rita & Shelley. It is very nice being in that class b/c they both know what to do when she does jump...they ignore her until she sits & then c/t. By the end of class, she was sitting politely for petting when they approached.

We then went over to my friend Tara's house to drop off our veggies (Tara & I split a summer share at Lola had a ball running around in the grass and rolling all around. Poor thing doesn't get a chance to play in real grass much. Next time I go to the park, I'm gonna take my long line & let her go nuts in the field. Anyway, she snuck out of the yard in the one little teeny spot that's not fenced (they're building a wall) and ran up on the hill. I called her to me & she took the chance to blow me off. After about 20 seconds of running like a maniac, she took a flying leap off the retaining wall & crashed head first into the ground. She was very shaken & I really thought she broke her neck (literally). Tara's husband then said "Jen, her leg" and I was sure when I looked it would be broken in 10 places. She was holding it up and not putting any pressure on it. It wasn't broken that I could tell, but she had bitten her tongue and it was bleeding. We got her some water & by the time she was done taking a giant drink, she was walking on it. Damn dog nearly gave me a flippin' heart attack!!! By the time we got home, she was as good as new...much to Penny's chagrin.

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