Thursday, July 20, 2006

Lola had graduation tonight from Shelley's class. I now officially have another dog that makes me look better at this training thing than I really am! I haven't done diddly w/ Lola all week (other than usual day to day stuff & the LLW) and she was superb. I concentrated a lot on rewarding her for automatic attention. In addition, there was a 2 year old right next to us that she desperately wanted to play with. Every time she got the glimmer, I told her to Leave It and she plopped her butt down and stared at me! Yahoo.

We also won the graduation game. Somewhere along the way Lola has learned Stand...on cue. Interesting. I've spent very little time on this. She's such a smart puppy! We still struggle a bit w/ her laying down on the SitStay, but I just need to put more time into it. Can't expect her to learn if I don't teach her, can I?

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