Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sherman & I had a sleepover at my Mom's house tonight. She is keeping him while we are on vacation and I just wanted to make sure he'd be OK w/ her cats. They have been harassed by Kevin's Golden, Shamus and Mom is a bit leary about having dogs in the house w/ them. Sherman was pretty good. Movement causes the need to chase but he's pretty good with Leave It and I kept a leash on him the whole time. They shouldn't have a problem with him.

We went to visit my Grandparents and Sherman proved what a great therapy dog he'd be. He's very calm, doesn't jump, parks himself right next to you for rubs. He showed off a little w/ some of his tricks...high 5, lay down, "spring" (where he jumps up to a sit from a down), speak. Everyone was very impressed. We'll probably go for the TDI later this year. I think I'm gonna enroll him in Shelley's CGC class starting at the end of September.

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