Saturday, October 21, 2006

Lola went to Camp today for the first time in a month. I talked to the manager when I dropped her off & told her about Lola's newfound reactivity. She promised to keep an eye on her & watch for any signs of aggression toward other dogs. I watched her on the camper cam for part of the day & she was just fine. She was having a blast.

Sherman & Penny and I went for a nice hike at the park. Toward the end of the walk, we rounded a corner and a jogger & her (very chubby) JRT were coming toward us. I high-tailed it the other way & we went up on the hill a bit. I asked the dogs to sit (they did ~gasp~) and told them to Leave It and they didn't make a peep (~double gasp!!~). But the JRT started barking at them and the girl started KICKING him down the trail! I yelled "HEY!" but she had headphones on & didn't hear me. She just kept going...kicking him everytime he turned around & barked.

I really do hate people.

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