Sunday, October 08, 2006

Penny & I went to Rally class today & had a great time. She was pretty snarky w/ one of the dogs there (full moon fever), but is really good about focusing on me when I ask her. This class is really fun & even if I never actually try it out in competion, it gives us some fun rainy day things to do. Her finishes are still pretty bad, but that's b/c I didn't work on them one single day last week. But her heeling was decent, her automatic sits are perfect & her fronts are pretty good too (I need to work on getting her to come in closer to me.)

We walked the course that they had set up & she did surprisingly well. I used very little food (only for finishes) and she was pretty good about followingly my lead. Problem with this whole Rally thing is my 2 left feet. Penny's staring at me and not watching where were going & I run her right into the cones. I tend to make my circles around the cones too tight & she ends up knocking them over. Considering this is only our second time attempting anything like this, we're doing pretty well.

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