Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I've continued to take all 3 dogs on their own walks. For one, it gives me some much needed exercise (takes about 75-80 minutes to walk all three) and I get to spend some one on one time with them. Sherman, especially, really needs that.

The planets must have been in perfect allignment recently b/c we have been having some fantastic walks. Walking Sherman is always a joy, with the exception of his constant sniffing. We're working on that. Penny & I have been having a ball. I'm lucky to have lots of big parking lots around us (library, churches, VFW, banks, etc) and we've been playing follow the leader and doing lots of erratic heeling patterns. Her LLW is at about 90%. And we haven't had a single flip out in weeks, despite seeing lots of dogs. Lola has been doing really well too. Strange looking people are no longer an issue and we've had one incident w/ another dog (he started it!) where she was barking & lunging. Even though I'm still using the GL, she voluntarily walks by my side 80% of the time. She automatically sits at intersections and has been much calmer. The first 2 minutes of the walk usually stress her out (lots of whining and frantic movements), so we've been working on that. But we walked through Bellevue tonight & she did really well despite all of the commotion.

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