Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lola had her best Feisty Fido's class yet tonight. She did get pretty barky in the parking lot going into the shelter, but once inside she was able to focus on me.

We had the curtains opened on all of the "cubicles" and I really reinforced her for looking at all of the other dogs and not reacting. When I saw her start to tense, I asked for a Watch & 9 times out of 10, she did. We did a few dog to dog exercises and she was able to heel 1/2 way across the room towards another dog w/o freaking out. In fact, we didn't have one meltdown the whole class. We practiced Find It, Walk Away and Stuff a Dog all outside the cubicles. And while we were inside, we worked on attention & targeting.

There is a dog in class named Sherman & everytime someone said his name, her ears perked up. It was very cute.

After class, Lilian wanted to see how she'd play with her new foster, Luna. Luna & cute! Anyway, they had a ball. Luna is a rough & tumble player and Lola loved having a playmate that could dish it out as well as she could.

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Pappy's Fella said...

We haven't seen Lucy and Joy, low built mother-daughter brindle boxers, at the dog park for a while. Those two were powerful, even though Lucy was relatively tiny. Great ones for roughhousing.