Monday, December 11, 2006

I came home from work tonight to a very yucky crate & a very sick Lola. She didn't eat anything out of the ordinary the day before so I don't know what messed up her belly. But she exploded all over the crate, the crate pad & her blankey. I got her all cleaned up with a quick bath and she spent the rest of the evening snuggling on the couch, looking very sad & needy.

Penny & I graduated from Marsha's Dynamic Dogs class. We had class at the shelter and did a couple fun contests. There were only 3 dog in class, but Cowboy (Penny's ACD boyfriend) and Penny are at about the same level in training. The 3rd was a ShepX from Lola's puppy class who was in class for some exposure. Cowboy won the Sit Stay contest and he & Penny tied the SitDownStand contest (both at 3 seconds). But Marsha raised the stakes and we had a show down with Sit Down Sit Down Stand. Penny won clocking in at 5 seconds!

We also did a 3 minute supervised separation and even though Penny loves Marsha, she was stressed when I left. I snuck around the room & watched from behind (there are big glass windows) and she was stiff as a board. When we came back in the room we had to call our dog to us and they had to run between the other 2 dogs practicing SitStays. When I said "Penny, Come", it was like her feet just skimmed the ground. I've never seen her do a Recall that fast. She actually slid into a Sit at my feet. It was very cute.

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