Friday, December 15, 2006

Oooo're a bad, bad boy. (not really) We tag you, you tag us back. Hmmm. I see how you are...and we like it!

I've got three dogs...with 3 sets of Xmas wishes. So bear with us!

3 things Sherman would love to get for X’mas:

1. Food
2. Food
3. My purple treat machine...stuffed with food.

3 things he does not want to get:

1. another puppy (I'm still pissed about the White one)
2. a bath...unless we can skip right to the drying off part. I love that.
3. a walk w/ Penny...I much prefer to fly solo on my fun Flexi leash

3 things Penny would love to get for X’mas:

1. Pig Ears...duh
2. Mommy's Liver Brownies
3. To play with my new boyfriend Cowboy (talk about sexual frustration!)

3 things she does not want to get:
1. My ears cleaned
2. My feet sprinkled with that Tea Tree Stuff
3. My people watching football...too much yelling!

3 things Lola would love to get for X’mas:
1. Another Rooster!!!!!! Puh-lease????
2. More of Mommy's hair bands...with lots of hair to eat
3. Bully Sticks!!

3 things she does not want to get:
1. NO swimming
2. To have to watch other doggies & not be able to play with them (no fair!!)
3. Stop looking at my funny teeth!!!

We'll be tagging some unsuspecting bloggers tomorrow. But in the meantime:


The offical card

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Boo said...

ha! lola, i feel your pain! i hate when my hooman or other hooman looking at my underbite! i just hate it. my mom & dad even make fun of it and laughing RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE!

wet wet licks