Friday, December 22, 2006

So I'm wondering why I spend all of this $$ on cutesy fun Xmas toys (Oooo, and I got some good ones. Stay tuned for pics!) when a plain old ice cube tray will do! Hmmm....anyone in Bloggerland wanna answer that one???

"I love ice cubes...but the plastic trays are way better! Cool! (no punn intended)."

"Ahhhhh, this feels good! Screw the actual ice cubes. The tray is way less messy!"

"Wait a Dad, you're telling me I'm not supposed to chew on this? Are you kidding me?"

"Mom, I swear...Dad said it was Cool to chew the Ice Cube tray. Do I get points for my Froggie pose?


Boo said...

hey lola, ignore what other said. i'm giving you 100 extra points for the froggie pose! you know, i jump like a frog too if you see my latest reality show. :-)

as for the tray... i think any doggie will be interested in any new thing show up in front of us no matter what it is - money, coins, soft, hard stuff! all!

wet wet licks


Ferndoggle said...

Thank you Boo! Yes, you're right...I love new stuff. Mom usually just takes it away from me though!

laura said...

My mommy and daddy both bought me toys for Christmas and my mommy spent a lot of mommy on toys. Daddy went to the Dollar Store. Guess who's toys I liked better??

Charlie the Boxer

Karen Shanley said...

Another dog who loves plastic and does the Froggie yoga pose! And I thought I had the only one! LOL! Great pics.