Sunday, December 03, 2006

Well the Xmas photo shoot didn't go very well. The dogs were all wound up and being really bad. None of them would stay and Scott was hanging lights outside & everytime there was a bang or clang outside, Guard Dog mode kicked in & they lost it. They won't sit in front of the fireplace b/c Penny is afraid of the grate.

This one's not bad...the babygate in the background is rather tacky.

This one's kinda cute...

The girls are SO serious!


Sherman is so darn cute!

Scott told me that I was getting very frustrated with them b/c they weren't co-operating and reminded me "Don't complain. Train!" (Actually he said "Remember what you always say...Don't yell at your dog, train your dog", but I know what he means & he's right).

We'll give it another go once the full moon passes!

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