Sunday, February 18, 2007

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

Well, my darling boyfriend (aka Significant Other, Domestic Partner, Life Mate, etc) spent his day off improving my Blogging area. I have no "before" shots, but let me tell you. It was a mess!!
In his words..."Well, you really like this Blogging thing...might as well have a nice place to do it". Is he great or what????

My new PC/Blogging station:

He cleaned off all of the clutter (and there was LOTS of it!), hooked up my dinky little EasyShare Camera and my new Canon Powershot (which I *still* haven't gotten the hang of!). He loaded my new fun photoshop software that I got for Xmas (and I *still* haven't gotten around to playing with it!).

So all that's left is me getting off my butt & figuring out how to work all the new fun stuff I have!

Yet another reason for me to say he's my favorite person in the whole wide world!!!


Boo said...

guess what? mom is learning Photoshop Elements. she said Elements is less complicated but also less advance than the original Photoshop.

Since this week is the chinese new year, she is staying home all week so she bought a guide book on how to use Elements last saturday. Nope, i haven't seen her started learning yet.

wet wet licks


Sophie Brador said...

Your dogs are soooo cute! I especially like the photos of the girls. And Sherman! What a doll, even if he's a boy.

Joe Stains said...

looks great!

My Mom said she went to that IUP thing too, can you believe it! She was there in the mid 90s!

Ferndoggle said...

Well Boo...I'll let you know how my software is once I figure it out. You Mom sounds like our Mom!

Thank you Sophie...we think we're very cute too, but the opinion doesn't really count! We'll have to drop in on your blog & say hi

Mean Joe - our Mom graduated in '95 but our Uncle Kevin was there till '98. What a very small world!

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