Thursday, February 01, 2007

I'm assisting in Annette's Adult class on Wednesday's so we moved Lola from Super Puppy to Advanced Puppy. She did fine getting into the building but got a bit snarky with another dog going into class. It may be time for the GL to go. At least in situations where she will be getting up close to another dog.

Advanced is the second class in the puppy series and the first part of class is puppy play time. Well Lola just loved that. She is wonderful with dogs off leash & there was a little Brittany that insisted on humping her. She didn't correct him but did try to get away. There were two small dogs that Marsha confined to an ExPen so they didn't get rolled. A little black scruffy mix that Lola was dying to play with. It was very cute...they kept play bowing with each other through the bars.

This class is very approriate for her attention span right now. We did heeling, figure 8's and started working on Stays with distractions. Lola, of course, did her best to impress all by throwing herself into every trick she knows.

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