Monday, February 26, 2007

Shermie is KING!

It was Dynamic Dogs graduation tonight & Sherman knew there were liver brownies waiting for him to earn once we got there.

"Drive Faster!!!"

Unfortunately, Shermie was a little off his game tonight. Awwwww...who am I kidding? He was totally off. Heeling consisted of him walking beside me jumping up & down. Sit meant lay down. Down meant lay down & then jump right back up. Forget about Stays. They were non-existant. But we had fun. It's really hard to get mad at him b/c of all of my dogs, I work on obedience stuff with him the least. And he's so exhuberant and happy, this kinda stuff isn't really that important to me. He's very well behaved at home and in public & that's what matters.

Marsha got little presents for all of the graduating dogs. She's the best. We were first go & get our diploma and we got to pick out our own bling bling. As soon as I saw it...I knew. Yep that's right...Sherman's sporting a collar charm that says "KING". How very fitting!

Not to worry Simba...Shermie can be the King on this side of the pond!


Joe Stains said...

congrats! I dont always do what I am supposed to either, but I am always cute!

Boo said...

ah, simba will not like it there's another KING in doggie world. doesn't matter which side of the pond. LOL

wet wet licks


Tom said...

Nice site. Us Pittsburgh dogs gotta stick together.

- belle

Simba said...

Its mine, give it back! Mummy!!!! Why don't I have one of them??? You just can't get the staff.

Simba (the real king)