Friday, March 09, 2007

Good stuff from California

Because the pups have been soooo very good during the last week or so when I was sick and it's been super yucky outside, I ordered a bunch of goodies from the Godiva of Canine Chewables...K9RawDiet. The Dogs LOVE Aunt Mindy (even though none of us have ever met her!) because she sends the best of the bestest stuff. I love her because her prices are great, the customer service is outstanding and the quality of product is superb!

The Dogs love her b/c she send delicious stuff in a big box.

"Shermie...why are you just laying there??? Help me rip this thing open!"

"I got it..and there is GOOD stuff in here!"

"I'll just help myself...what's wrong with you guys???"

Just imagine...a giant box filled with dried beef trachea, dry roasted pig's ears, buffalo achilles, beef achilles, 6"bully sticks, buffalo scapulas and regular sized bully straps!! It's a doggies dream come true (and the contents of the Chew Treat Sampler from K9RawDiet!).

(note: this box contains 3+ Chew Treat Samplers...3 Dogs = 3 times the amount of chewies!)

Ta Da!!! (OK...I buy more than one of the sampler...but I've got 3 Dogs!)

Moo Tubes Rock!!! They're Sherman's favorite!

We even got some Chatter Boxes (we didn't know those were in the treat sampler....but we love 'em & are super glad we get to eat 'em!)

"Our absolute favorite are the Bully Straps. No...they don't last as long as a bully stick. But they are super delicious & take us at least 20 minutes to chew up. And they're little!!!"

"Yum, yum, yum, yum, yummmmm......."

"Yeah...what Penny said!"

"Thank you Mommy! We love our chewies from Aunt Mindy! Can we go live in California with her?????"


Joe Stains said...

oh my dog, I know what I am asking for on my next birthdays!!!!

Cubby said...

I hope you are feeling better. You must be the best parent EVER!

Simba said...

wow that will keep your jaws busy for a while.

Simba xx

Ellie said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. I'll have to get my Mommy to check out those treats! They sound like the perfect dessert to the breakfast I had this morning!

Nubbily Wiggles,