Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm in MerryLand!!

Hiya EveryPup!! I just wanted to sent a quick note that I have arrived in MerryLand!

I don't have any pictures to post yet because my Mom forgot the camera cord, but let me tell you much fun I'm having already!

When we first got here, we walked down to a HUGE lake and I was hanging out on the dock watching the waves when I decided...what the heck? and I jumped right into the water! At first I went the hole way under & Mom thought I was going to drown. But I popped right back up and swam to the shore. It was SO much fun. Then I chased the waves all over the shore and and ate some water.

We have lots of big plans for tomorrow and I will have a bunch of pictures later.

Hope you all have a great weekend! See you Monday!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Shermie! Just so glad you are havin a blast with your Mum and Dad!

We are lookin after Lola and Penny in your absence!

Take care and watch that darn water!

Love and licks Marvin xxxxxxxxxx

wally said...

Oh man Shermanator! Sounds like you're having a great time. You should come through Del Aware on your way back from Merry Land!


Ruby Bleu said...

Wow Sherm...
Sounds like fun. But we'll miss you at the pawty tonight!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Maggie & Mitch said...

Hi Sherman,
Glad you're having a great time in Merryland! I understand it's lonely and boring at your house tonight! hehehehe

Love ya lots,

Stanley said...


I always knew you were a WATER man. Glad you like swimming & are have a great time in Merry Land. Can't wait to see the photos.

Goob love,

Kapp pack said...

Have lots of fun! WOo woo, pawty time!

Kelsey Ann

Kapp pack said...

Have lots of fun! WOo woo, pawty time!

Kelsey Ann

Kapp pack said...

Have lots of fun! WOo woo, pawty time!

Kelsey Ann

Lorenza said...

Hi, Sherman
It makes me so happy that you are having great time there with your mom and dad! Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!!
We will tell you about our weekend next monday too!
Have a good night

Jackson said...

Hey Sherman, glad to hear you're having fun! Can't wait to see the photos! J x

Princess, Tank and Isaac: The Newfs of Hazard said...

Hey Sherman, Glad you liked the water. We'd do anything to get to be in the water. All we got this weekend were baths...

Boo said...

hey sherman, we had fun with lola at her disco 70's pawty. you miss it!

wet wet licks


The Brat Pack said...

It sounds like you're having a great time! I hope there's pictures of you all soaking wet and looking macho!


Scruffy & Lacie said...

Hey Sherm!

So Deep Crick rules, huh?! Any chance your mum uses a cleaning crew? Are they good? I mean, we're just looking for a good one, nothing in particular. Um...and how's their homeowner's insurance? It's always wise to have enough coverage. Does it cover earthquakes. Cause it looks.....Hey Sherm, Lacie here. Scruffy just choked on his paw. It sure looks...pretty today.


Sophie Brador said...

I would so totally swim with you if I were there. Have a paddle for me!


Katherine and Pippa, said...

Hey mate looking forward to seeing you rpix.

Mistress forgets things like that too. They are all the same.


Joe Stains said...

oh no water is SCARY! you sure are brave!