Sunday, April 30, 2006

Happy 6 month Birthday Lola!

At 2 weeks old...

8 weeks...

4 months

Just shy of 6 months...

As a b-day present, I met up w/ Debby & her dogs at Riverview. Another PghDogs member, Amy & her AussieX, Diamond joined us too. About 10 minutes into the hike, we spied a white Pitbull on the hill above us. Debby, being way braver than I, coaxed the dog onto the trail and encouraged him to hike w/ us while we looked for his owner. He had a current city license on so it was more likely that he got loose rather than being dumped.

I'll admit to being gunshy w/ loose dogs when I have mine w/ me. Sherman & Penny were attacked twice the same pitbull in our neighborhood. Fortunately the owners were right there to get the dog back, but it's very unnerving. This little guy was very sweet, though and traveled w/ us for over an hour.

We never did find his owner & Debby decided to take him home to see if they could be located. Here's where the story gets good. Turns out his owner lived 1/2 a block from Debby! Thump (as he was called) got out of their yard & went all the way to Riverview. He had been missing for 6 days! What a nice happy ending!

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