Monday, May 01, 2006

Lola has her spay tomorrow, so tonight I had to take her to the Vets. She doesn't come home until Wednesday. I took a 1/2 off at work to get her home & comfortable.

Penny had graduation tonight. Annette had prepared a mini test for the dogs to run through which mimicked the CGC/TDI test. Penny flew through it w/ flying colors...until the end. She blew it on the Sup. Separation again! I could hear her wining in the hall. She never would have passed had it been the actual test. Guess we'll just have to keep at it.

Annette did take some pictures for us

The Golden next to Penny is Levi...she really likes him! I'm the one in the black sweater.

The ACD in the front of this picture is Cowboy. He has made incredible progress in the time we've known him. He is very wary of strangers and does not like to be handled or away from him Mom. We were all able to pet him by graduation.

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