Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Lola has a tumor on her toe. I noticed when she came in from outside last night that she had a large red bump on her back right foot. After concluding that she didn't have a broken toe (my first thought), I thought perhaps she got bit by something. It was a large, raised, red sore that can only be described as a raspberry w/ fur on it. She wasn't limping or favoring at all so I decided to wait & call the vet the next day.

Dr. Fitzgerald knew what it was right away (although she did entertain my thought that it was a bug bite after my eyes became the size of pieplates when she said the word "tumor"). The exact diagnosis is Canine Cutaneous Histiocytoma (Wow that sounds scary! For more info, see Apparently it's pretty common and appears in only a day or two. The tumor is benign & should disappear on it's own, but if she's chewing it or it becomes a problem for her, they want to remove it. Let's hope it goes away soon b/c she does not like the spray I have to apply 2-3 per day.

Poor little toe!

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