Saturday, September 09, 2006

Lola & I went to Sandcastle's Last Splash of Summer w/ our friends Debby & Merlin. Getting her into the park was a bit of a challenge b/c she was very worked up and barking & lunging at every dog in site. Had I been by myself, I would have taken a long time making it to the front gate by backing her up when she flew into a fit. This is very effective for her, but takes time & I didn't want to hold Debby & Merlin up.

Lola was a bit hesitant and basically hung around in the water up to her elbows for a while. She eventually got a little brave & started to swim.

You really can't tell in this picture, but she did NOT like swimming. She actually panicked and tried to crawl on top of another dog. I stayed close to her & pulled her off him & she then tried to crawl up my body. Our swimming was done for the day after that as she wouldn't even go into 3 inches of water.

She did enjoy a yummy Frosty Paws after the swim.

And then she jumped in the trunk when we got back to the car. She was ready to go home.

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