Saturday, October 14, 2006

Both Lola & Sherman had very good classes today.

Lola did very well w/ not reacting to other dogs (she did playbow a couple of times to a LabX puppy but Leave it works well to get her attention). Debby had us demo LLW & wouldn't ya know it...she did great! They also set up some agility equipment and she did everything w/o issue. Hopped over 2 jumps (set at about 12"), went through the tire, jumped up on the pause table, ran right up a mini A frame and right through the tunnel. Fun stuff!

Sherman decided that today he likes other dogs. He played w/ a Spinone Italiano pup (about 8 months, male and intact...amazing for Sherman!) and only snarked a yellow lab once. He sat 2 feet from Cheyenne the entire class and it was like she wasn't even there. Good boy!

I wish I knew what was in the air today so I could bottle it!

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