Monday, October 16, 2006

Lola started having issues with her hind end over the weekend. She was licking constantly & by Sunday night, the whole area was red & swollen. I had been putting Bag Balm on the underside of her tail b/c it was so irritated and it appears to have made the problem worse.

I took her to the Vet to have her anal glands expressed and the whole experience was really tramautic for her. We started off in the waiting room w/ a woman & her two cats. Lola was fine with that I did attention stuff to keep her focused on me. The woman commented that she was doing very well and insisted that I "must watch the Dog Whisperer because I knew how to show my dog who was in charge". Hmmm...don't know where she got that. But I just ignored the comment.

As we were going into the exam room, a GSD came into the waiting room & she flipped. I got her into the back and managed to have them weigh her (she's 42 lbs) and then they put her up on the table. Dr. Moore spun her around when he was expressing her glands & she couldn't see me & started to flip out. I moved in front of her & she calmed a bit but by the time the whole thing was done she was very stressed. They let us sneak out the back door after I paid b/c the waiting room was full. Once outside, she calmed down a bit and was fine once we got home.

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