Monday, November 13, 2006

Princess Penny Wiggles had her Dynamic Dogs class tonight to prepare for our WPHS outing to the Joseph Booksellers in the Southside Works next week. There will be a lot of shelter dogs going & Marsha wanted to make sure we practiced a lot of different behaviors with LOTS of distractions.

We did heeling while she walked around like a crazy person w/ loud shopping bags. We did long down stays with the dogs inches from each other while Marsha threw out every possible distraction. Penny broke twice, but fortunately she ran right to me. I haven't done more than a 2-3 minute down stay with her, so I guess we have to practice longer duration.

The biggest accomplishment of the night came when we had the dogs in sit stays right beside us & Marsha did everything she could to get them to break...rattle keys ("wanna go bye-byes?"), throw a ball around, squeak a toy, say "Puppy, Puppy, Puppy! Here Puppy!!" and the one that always got us...that blasted Knock on the Door. perfect angel, Princess Penny, didn't move an inch. Marsha gave a loud Knock & said "Hello??" and Penny noticed, but I reminded her to stay & she looked at me and kept her little butt planted!! WooHooooo!! That's my girl!

We're gonna have fun next week.

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