Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Chicken Stew is Yummy!

The Brat Pack just talked about all the good stuff they've been eating so I thought I might share some of The Dogs meal this week.

I like to get in touch with my culinary side by making food for the dogs. Scotty will tell you I cook for them more than for us...and that's probably true. This weekend I made a big batch of their favorite chicken stew. Chicken legs, broccoli, carrots, yams & cauliflower. I generally don't add any grains to it as it's usually mixed with some of their kibble.

But tonight it was just chicken, chicken & more chicken stew!

Now, there are a few unusual things about the picture above.

1). The smallest (teeny) portion is Lola's. (She usually gets much more, but she had class tonight and filled herself up on good stuff.)

2.) The cabinet the food is sitting on is bare wood and doesn't match the rest of the kitchen. (Scotty just made it and will be painting it soon.)

3). The dogs are eating on paperplates. (They usually eat from stainless steel bowls but they are in my new DISHWASHER!!!)

Yep...we finally have a dishwasher & it's no longer me!! Sitka just got a new cleaning box and is pretty psyched about it so I don't feel so dumb getting totally geeked over mine.

Isn't it beautiful??? Sherman is very happy about it too.

I've talked about the fun game we play at mealtime...here The Dogs are in action. They usually take longer to eat but the paperplates make for a quick meal.



PiratesGrrl said...

OK, I'm not so sure about this WAIT stuff! Wait for what?!!? ;)

Sherman, you make my heart flutter everytime I see you on video!
We're going to have Mom try to make chicken stew too. We've never had broccoli or cauliflower, but I like eating flowers outside.


Boo said...

yummy yum yum. i wish i can get some chicken stew from mom too. mom used to cook for me everyday... ok, she precook a bit bowl and store in the fridge. but after i refuse to eat my home cook din din she revert back to kibbles + canned food. :-(

now come to think of it, maybe i should bug mom to cook for me again.

wet wet licks


Simba said...

My Mummy does all that wait, stuff too. I don't see her doing it to fat fat Daddy.

Simba xx

Oscar Airedale said...

Mum is now even more jealous that everyone is getting dishwashers!

Your dinner certainly looked yummy, confirmed by the speed you all polished it off!

Oscar x

Peanut said...

Hey I have to wait before I can eat also. That chicken stew looks yummy.

Sophie Brador said...

Wow! You guys can all eat in the room? I have a bad habit of trying to kill any other dog who eats near me.

Lady Kaos said...

That looks yummy! My mom is VERY VERY jealous of your dishwasher. She's our dishwasher and is ready to retire.

Tadpole said...

AHA HA! Sherman is VERY excited about that new dishwasher, huh?! Maybe he was thinking of Dot....

I think every time your mom says WAIT you should poo in the house. That'll teach her to make you wait.

wally said...

Mmmmmmm. I'm coming to YOUR house for dinner!

You guys take too long to eat, though!


Dory and Liza said...

IMPRESSIVE - I never wait, much to my mom's consternation (sp?).

Also my mom likes the washer - our washer is still my dad.

Please thank Penny for the kind words about my ears - I'm not mad at mom anymore except right after she puts in the ear drops.

Love you all - Dory

Fu Fu said...

Oh.. ALL chicken meal. It sure looks very very yummy.

~ fufu

FleasGang said...

If that was us, we'd eat the paper plates too! Hey Penny, we think we saw you a couple of weekends ago at Bark to the Park. Come check us out let us know ;-)

The FleasGang