Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Favorite Summer Spot

You've probably noticed quite a few pictures lately that have been taking on the front deck off of our bedroom. In the summer, it's my absolute favorite place in the whole house. I did lots of gardening over the weekend & finally got around to putting out some plants. It's like a little tropical garden.

We had a birds nest in the fern last year.

Nothing better than sitting in the sun with a cold glass of Pinot Gris and a good book.

And I can be nebby & spy on the neighborhood!

The lady that lives in the green house is very mean. She squirts dogs with the hose if they walk on her grass. She's never done that to my dogs, obviously...because I'd be in jail for assult.

The Dogs love it out there too...they get to patrol the neighborhood.

Lola takes this responsibilty very seriously.

Sometimes too seriously & her barking earns her a time out.

Penny will spend hours basking in the sun.

Sherman's a little smarter & stays in the shade. It's tough being black & chubby.

Happy Mother's Day!!!


Oscar Airedale said...

I love American houses with decks like that, so pretty!

Lola's face behind the screen door is priceless.

Oscar x

Katherine and Pippa, said...

That looks so beautiful and just right for dogs to sticky-beak, I mean patrol, through the railings. Pippa.

Mistress says the book and wine look very cool too.


Ruby Bleu said...

That looks so nice and relaxing. We have a little deck too, off our living room. But it doesn't look as nice as yours. I'll have to get Mom on that!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

PiratesGrrl said...

I love, love, love your neighborhood! You're in my favorite style of house.


PS Dot said Sherman makes her hot, too.

Anonymous said...

Woot, a fellow Rotten blogger! Save me from the other dogs, that just dont understand!

Simba said...

I'm jealous. All we are getting is rain.

Simba xx

Jackson said...

Your house looks lovely. Love the Lola photo! J x

MJ's doghouse said...

the pictures of the three of you dogs together makes me and my mommy smile...i wish i had two doggies to sit with on the back patio..but noooooooooooooo..just two stupid cats..not really fair.

Tadpole said...

Squirts dogs with her hose?! How awful. Somedog should poop on her front porch when she's not home.

Poor Lola. She's just trying to keep you safe! You simply aren't aware of the dangers out there!

wally said...

Who's chubby? Not Sherman! Ha! My ma ape was just noticing today how my sissy sits in the same spot outside and I make a little nest in the shade next to the house where it's cool. Those fur coats are WARM.


ps. We have a mean lady who doesn't like us on her lawn. Phhhhbt. When we walk by there in the early morning before Mean Lady is up we always pee on her lawn! ahahahahaha!

Lorenza said...

Your neighborhood looks really nice! Mine is sooo boring. I use to do the same as Lola, I like to patrol from my place. I'll ask my mom to show a picture in my blog. Of course my place is not as nice as yours but I like it a lot.

Ellie said...

I patrol the neighborhood from the back patio and from the front bedroom window (which I like cuz I can patrol and take a nap at the same time). But like Lola, I take the job very very seriously. Mommy says it's so I can watch for the hike bus to come get me. Duh!!

Nubbily Wiggles,
Ellie the Boxer

Peanut said...

Oh I want to sun with Penny. Hey how much do your read. My mom always has a book in her hand. She reads a ton.

Boo said...

i show mom and she said she would love to have such a deck like yours.

i don't think i wanna sun tan coz the weather here is around 40 degree celcius through out the year. i like to cool down whenever i can.

wet wet licks