Saturday, October 27, 2007

It's a Bird....It's a Plane


Look out Salem, here I come!!

Itchies or no Itchies! Mr. Al Urgeee is not gonna keep me from my peeps in Salem!

I suppose I won't be needing Aire Ruby, after all.

Pawty On!!


Asta said...

I'll be looking up at the sky to see you! I hope mr. Al is leaving you alone
see you at the pawty!
smoochie kisses

Jackson said...

Hey SuperLola! See you at the pawty! J x

Mojo said...

Remember to wave in at the windows at Aire Ruby as you fly past and give everyone a shock!

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Oh Lola! You look absolutly adorable!!!!

The Brat Pack said...

You look soooo cool! The big question is are you bringing that beer in the picture??


Stanley said...

Super Sprout!!

I kind of like that name. You could be a singer with your own band!

Can't wait to see you fly in for the pawty! Save a birthday dance for me, Miss Thang!

Goober love & birthday smooches,

Lorenza said...

Super Lola!!!
Are you feeling better? I hope the itches don't bother you too much!
Sure you won't need Aire Ruby Jet!
See you there

Kirby said...

Oh Lola,

You look so cute! I hope you had a ton of fun at the party!

Your pal,

Luckie Girl said...

it's a bird it's a plane it's SUPER LOLA!!!! :) Watch out world!!

Maggie & Mitch said...

Great costume, Lola! Simba is Superman too! You can fly the friendly skies together! What a site that will be!

Love ya lots,


Hi Lola,
Love the costume! You make a great superhero. Hope you had fun at the party.
Jazz and Dixie

wally said...

You look great, Lola! I'm not so sure about turning the Shermans into a pumpkin! What if I want to make him int a pie. He's my BFF! And yet, I do love pie. What an ethical dilemma.


Sophie Brador said...

Lola, You are the best super girl ever! You need to meet Al head on with your super powers and send him packing.


Harry said...

Your itchies look really sore sweet Lola darling. I hope you are managing to evade the dreaded lampshade.

You make a cute Super Lola ;-)

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Joe Stains said...

I am so glad you could make it, dumb Al, I hate him now!

Amici said...

We love your superman costume!! You look very strong and grand. :) Have a great time at the pawty!

Pugsley, Buster, Cricket & Daisy said...

You look sooooo cool!!

Four Pugz

Poppy said...

Ooh, that's almost like my costume! Mommy's going to post pictures of it on my blog soon. I'm excited for Howloween!


ps--Happy Birthday!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh Lola you sure have a pawsome costume. :) Hope Mr Al left you already

~ Girl girl

ronin the pug said...

Wow! Your costume is surely veryyy coool!
Hugs guys!

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

oooooh I am in total awe of you dressed up there Lola!

Super Sprout indeed!

love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

umekotyan said...

It is superman's clothes.
It is good-looking.
It is possible to fly to the party by this. :)

from loved ume tyan

Clover said...


What a great costume! It looks really great on you. I was sorry to hear about that Al guy that was making you itchy - I hope you are feeling better now!

Love Clover xo

ChaChi Lu said...


~ChaChi LU

Frasier said...

Happy Birthday Super Lola sprout!!
Dont scare the other planes as you go zooming by!!

Bella the Boxer said...

It's a's a's Lola to the rescue!! I sure hope you'll do a "fly by" of our house this Halloween. I've got some special treats for you.

xoxo - Bella (aka Dracula)

Hammer said...

Hi Lola
What a great pawty it was !!! You looked very cute in your costume. It's your Barkday tomorrow. You must be getting real excited. Have a very special day on your Barkday tomorrow. We'll be thinking of you over here in Oz.
Love from Hammer

Snoopygirl said...

Hey Lola,

You're a super diva!!! I wish I had a costume... Hope that Mister Al Urgee will stay away.


Amber-Mae said...

Oh wow! You look GREAT Lola!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Simba said...

We are twins!!! At least your didn't have funny little hands hanging off it.

Simba xx

Lacy said...

woofies Lola, Penny and Sherman!!! tell ur mama the 1st halloweenie is the best by far, and the skeereiest toooooo...heehee u all betters sit by her and protect her...

b safe,

Lacy said...

pp's, have ur mama check out the site me jus put on my bloggy, creepy dats fur shure....

lacylulu ;)

Kapp pack said...

You go girl!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Sparky said...

Hi Lola! Sorry I haven't been able to visit your blog for a long time. I've got lots of blogs to catch up on! Hehe.


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Happy Barkday Lola - hope you have a wonderful day. Eat a piece of cake for me, okay :-)


Mary-Margaret said...

BOOOOOOO! (hehehehee) Did I scare ya? Huh? Did I?


Have a grrrreat Halloween and get lots of treats. Sorry you're not feeling well, but I'm sure it'll be fine soon.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Mary-Margaret said...

PS - Silly me. I get SOOOO carried away. Us small dogs are easily Yeah. I actually came by to wish you a HAPPY BIRFDAY!!! Yup...that was it. Happy Birfday and many many more.

Love, MMOB

Boo said...


wet wet licks


Huskee Boy said...

Hi Lola,
It's already 31Oct here so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!
I hope that Mr Al leaves you alone.. but to me, Mr. Al or not, you are always a pretty diva!

Ashley said...

Hope you had a great Halloween. You look super :)
Check out my Dog Blog :)